ZEUS Softtops Gaia Breizh

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Performance shaped softtop from the beachies of southwest France. Features FCS-compatible boxes and stiff construction. A softtop take on your stock performance shortboard. Dimensions: 5’7 – 33L or 6’8 – 45L

Gaia boards combine a high-density EPS foam core with 2 marine wood stringer, an epoxy/fiberglass lamination, and a 100% recycled HDPE slick on the bottom.

The boards come coated with 50% natural seaweed and 50% EVA foam («hybrid» or «crocodile» foam). This assembly has the advantage of obtaining a 100% non-slip board (no need to wax).

Delivered with 100% recycled hard plastic fins.

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The Gaia range came about when Zeus wanted to design the most eco-friendly board possible. Backed by the municipality of Brittany and guided by innovation accelerator Anticipa Lannion, the Gaia range is the brainchild of some of NW France’s smartest people.

Extensive R&D efforts resulted in a board majorly made from organic raw materials and recycled plastics, minimizing its ecological impact. The Gaia range, inspired by the «mother goddess», is designed to suit all types of surfers, combining performance and aesthetics with responsible materials sourcing.



5'7 – 33L, 6'8- 45L


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