ZEUS Sofftops Sport Mamba 6’6


Performance shaped 6’6 softtop from the beachies of southwest France. Features FCS-compatible boxes and stiff construction. Dimensions: 6’6 1/2″ 21 1/2″ 2 1/2″ – 44.13L

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The 6’6 Mamba sports a balanced shape and 44L of volume. It’s a great board for progressing surfers looking to transition from a longer board. The Mamba’s stability and maneuverability makes it perfect to improve your skillset in all types of waves.

ZEUS’ hybrid construction is much stiffer than most foam surfboards on the market. This increases handling. The progressive shape of the board allows for a very fluid glide and ultra-fast progression. 2 marine wood stringers bring stability and robustness to the board.


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